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Book CoversJen Lucas, author of Sock-Yarn Shawls (an awesome book we used at a retreat one year!) is coming to Charlotte for a weekend full of lace and shawls. I am super excited to bring her to mid-Michigan for all of my customers… shawls are one of your favorite things to knit, and you’ll be able to get some great tips, tricks, and techniques from a published designer and author.

Thursday night she’ll be at YG for a book signing/kick off party, where you’ll be able to pick up signed copies of all her books, as well as meet her and get excited about the classes.

Friday is a day of mini-workshops, great for getting in depth on a particular subject in shawls.  Want to get started knitting a shawl, but the cast on has you confused?  Check out the Be Fab with Garter Tab class!Garter Tab Cast On

Do you tend to just stick to the same old bind off for your shawls?  Maybe it ends up a little tight, not allowing the lace to truly block out to its potential.  Then you should check out Decorative Shawl Bind Offs!decorative bind offs

The afternoon will see an interesting look at how changing up your lace stitches can affect your overall look in a project. I am particularly excited about this class… I love learning the technical aspects of the craft and think that “reading” the fabric I create is really cool! The link for that class is here, called Switch a Lace Stitch.Switch A Lace Stitch

The final class of the day offers a look at different ways to edge a shawl, in Lovely Lace Borders.Lovely Lace Borders

Saturday is for all of you that are aspiring designers, or just a person with a vision of a shawl with no pattern.  Jen will be doing a six hour, in depth workshop focusing on designing your OWN top-down shawl… how cool is that!? Click here, Design Your Own Sock-Yarn Shawl, for more details and to sign up!

Friday and Saturday’s events will be held at YG’s neighbor, The Hall (127 S. Cochran), to accommodate the number of students we anticipate signing up.  Check in will be at YG for all classes, and lunch will be provided for Saturday’s students.

Registration for all Jen’s classes will begin at noon on Saturday, August 26th. Set an alarm to be sure to get in!

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