Irving comes to live at YG!

Look what I found in my garden today. I was out inspecting all the green things that are appearing, and this little monster growled at me!
“Oh you scared me! What are you doing in my garden?!” I exclaimed.
I must have scared him too, because he leapt from the fence to settle on Victor the gnome’s head. There he crouched, keeping his little black eyes glued on me.
“Poor little guy… I’m not going to hurt you! My name is Lindsay, what’s your name?” I asked gently.
He immediately leapt straight up into the tree, where he must have felt a little safer, being taller than me. He struck quite a pose actually, smiling right at the camera as he told me his name was Irving.
“Don’t worry Irving, I love little knit guys like you. Why don’t you come inside?” I said coaxingly.
He was still just a little unsure, but he hopped along beside me until he spotted the old bike. Up he leapt (the little guy has some incredible jumps for being a little knit monster!) and posed for another picture. He’s quite the model, I think.
Irving cocked his little ears and said, “I guess you’re all right for a human. What’s inside?”
And so we went inside, where Irving found yarn that looked suspiciously like his yarn, as well as a book full of his family! And of all places, it was in the bathroom!
“Uh, Lindsay? Why do you have this stuff in the bathroom? That’s weird!” Irving asked. I replied, “Why not? I have a captive audience when they’re in there!”
Irving absolutely adored my mug from Jennie the Potter, insisting that he take a break inside it. And of course, modeling for yet another picture. As he rested, he jabbered on and on. Apparently once a monster starts talking, you can’t get them to shut up!
“This mug is glorious! I love the sheep and the green yarn floating around it. It’s very comfy for a monster like me to rest in.” Irving rambled on and on.
I decided that Irving should meet some friends in the shop, before he talked my ears off. So we went on to the baby room, where Henry the Baby Bear from Itty Bitty Toys lives.
Unfortunately, I didn’t know that monsters and bears did not get along. I mean, why would I? Did you know that? This is only the fourth monster I’ve ever met, and the topic of bears just never came up. You can see from the following pictures what happened… poor Henry.
“Irving, why don’t we go meet another toy? Leave poor Henry alone!” I exclaimed, hurrying to rescue poor Henry.
Finally, some friends Irving can tolerate. Mama and Papa Bunny welcomed him with open paws, excited to have another toy join them in the YG family.
“Finally, some normal friends. Not weirdo pink bears… what were you thinking, Lindsay!? Everyone knows that monsters and bears don’t get along. Sheesh!” Irving scolded.
By now, I was getting a bit irritated with that little monster, so I hurried the tour along, hoping Irving would find somewhere comfortable and leave me along for a little bit.
Irving thought he found a nice, comfy home in this variation on my Cabled Cowl. Doesn’t he look so cute, hanging out among the pretty colors of Noro Kureyon?
“LINDSAY!” Irving yelled. “I don’t like this place… it’s too far away from all the action!”
I sighed, and went over and got him.

“How about being right by the cash register? If you sit here, you can see the front and back door, and you can be right by the cash register.” I suggested.

“This is perfect! Now I can see both doors, and make sure no one sneaks up on me. And, then I’m closer to you and we can talk all about……..” Irving started rambling.

I tuned him out, knowing he didn’t really expect a response. So next time you’re in, maybe you can take Irving for a trip around the shop and give my poor ears a break!

Pattern: Irving, designed by Rebecca Danger
Source: Big Book of Knitted Monsters
Yarn: Jamieson’s Double Knitting, less than 1 skein each of Sapphire #676 & Rust #578
Needles: 40″ US 4 (3.5 mm) addi Click and Chiaogoo dpns

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